Finishing the Assignment

This morning I did a final read over my assignment. I made some small adjustments in the summaries next to the videos as I checked that everything matched up well. I practiced doing the exercises myself in a preview of the iBook to check that everything was working properly.

In reading through, I decided I should make a document for teachers outlining some of my thoughts that shouldn’t necessarily go to the students. I have created this document which is included in the dropbox. It outlines how I suggest this project could be assessed. This way teachers can adapt it to their own forms of marking and marking criteria. I have also included a list of Stage 5 outcomes which could be met through this project, to aid teachers in planning.

So it’s now all done!! The final resource and attached documents are available here.

Just a quick note: If you look at this in the next few days, the videos will say “Demo Mode” on them. I will soon have chance to export these properly, and will upload that file as soon as it is done.


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